Adoption Application

Are you over 18 years old?(Required)
Do you own or rent the home you live in?(Required)
Are there children in your household?
Which most accurately describes your normal day?(Required)

Do you have a yard?(Required)
Is your yard fenced?(Required)
Are your pets ...(Required)
Are your pets current on their vaccinations?(Required)
Are all of your pets spayed/neutered?(Required)
Any pet you adopt needs to get along with:(Required)
Where will the pet be kept during the daytime?(Required)
Where will the pet be kept during the night?(Required)
I agree that until this agreement is signed by a TAPS Representative the pet belongs to TAPS and can request for the pet to be returned to them at any time.(Required)
I agree to provide a TAPS representative access to all parts of my home and property for a home inspection before my application is approved.(Required)
If at any point I become unable to keep my pet he/she will be returned to The Arkansas Pet Savers.(Required)
I agree to give my pet heartworm prevention according to the brand chosen and agree to routine vet visits to ensure my pet's health.(Required)
I agree that if I refuse or fail to comply with any provision of this agreement, TAPS has the right to terminate this agreement and also has the right to the immediate surrender and return of my animal(s). I further consent to provide TAPS access to my premises if necessary to facilitate the return.(Required)
I have read this application and agreement in its entirety, and I agree that all statements and agreements contained in this document are made by me and are truthful, under penalty of perjury under the law of the state of Arkansas.(Required)
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