Volunteer with TAPS

As a volunteer-powered non-profit organization, The Arkansas Pet Savers (TAPS) would not exist without the hard work and dedication of the kind-hearted individuals within our community. The number of pets we can save largely depends upon the number of people we have helping us. As such, we’re always looking for new volunteers.

There are many ways you can volunteer with TAPS. From cleaning to transport to event coordination—and everything in between, every little act of care matters.

Volunteering with an animal shelter or rescue organization is a great activity for the whole family. Not only are you helping animals in need, but you’re also giving a lesson in compassion and helping your kids to see the value of giving back. Next time you’re looking for a family activity, consider signing up to volunteer with your local animal shelter or rescue organization.

To get started, fill out our volunteer application.

volunteer with taps